Monday, June 1, 2009

Don't Panic, Parents!!

....or get yourselves all excited yet! We just got married, sheesh!!

Hopefully this blog will help everybody keep up with us as we attempt to make grandparents (again, in my mom's case) out of our parents!

In case anybody missed out, our wedding was on April 17th, 2009. It was a gorgeous day in Lafayette, CA....and everything went off without a hitch! Smooth as buttah! 1 week later, Miss Sophie came to live with us...for better or for worse as well! She's a doll, but full of spunkiness! Now, we are preparing to leave in 5 days for our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic! And...if the weather channel's website is correct....we will end up spending a lot of private time in our room....rain is predicted every day!!

So if we don't come back tan, hopefully we'll come back pregnant! Stay tuned!